Paint Protection Film

New Age Stone Chip Prevention

3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film

New Age Paint Protection Application
We offer 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film, which is applied to the exterior paint of your vehicle to protect against stone chips, stains and scratches.

Common Installed Areas
This highly durable urethane film is applied to common areas where stone chips, scratching and stain typically occur:

  • partial hood, fenders, mirrors
  • door cups, headlights, kick plates, etc.
showroom paint protection film

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Manufacturer warranty also covers fading (e.g. turning yellow) & peeling

Self-healing film technology that can make most scratches on film disappear

No maintenance required


Regular Package

  • Approx. 24 in. Partial Hood, Fenders, Mirrors – $400 plus tax


  • Headlights (available for most vehicles) – $100 plus tax
  • Approx. 24 in. Partial Hood – $300 plus tax
  • Door Cups – $30 plus tax
  • Custom locations (e.g. kick plates, top strip of rear bumper) – starting at $50 plus tax

Paint Protection Film Installation

  • All installation is completed by senior staff with prior comprehensive training
  • We require your vehicle’s exterior to be clean prior to installation (surcharge applied for on-site hand wash)
  • Typical install takes approx. 3 hours (we require vehicle’s paint to be at room temperature prior to install)


  • Prices subject to change without notice

Partial Hood




Door Cups

door cups paint protection film

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Get the Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle

After applying 3M Pro Series Film for new age stone chip prevention, add peace-of-mind complete vehicle paint protection against Ottawa’s tough driving conditions with Ceramic Pro Coating.

Ceramic Pro Coating 

  • Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with three times the hardness & self-cleaning properties.
  • 2 yrs to lifetime protection based on varying packages we offer

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro

Up-close with Ceramic

Ceramic Pro
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