What is Paint Protection Film?

What is Paint Protection Film?

Those Pesky Stone Chips 
including: car bras and deflectors.

New Age Stone Chip Prevention

Over the last decade or so a great solution known as Paint Protection Film (PPF) has become the most advanced stone chip prevention solution on the market.  Virtually invisible to the eye, this durable & see-through film is applied to a variety of spots on your vehicle: bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, pillars, etc.

?Typically, a computer program and plotter machine will cut the PPF based on a pattern specific to your vehicle’s make, model, year and trim level.

The adjacent pictures are of the cutting/production process and also the customized nature of PPF, including door cup protection.

3M Pro Series Film

We exclusively use the highest quality 3M automotive PPF which is called Pro Series.  From self-healing properties to a 7 year manufacturer warranty, 3M provides the peace of mind you would expect when making an investment into stone chip prevention on your current or next vehicle.

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