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Non-invasive car polishing procedure


Paint Correction | Service Selection

You’ve selected our paint correction service to help rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint surface.  Over the past ten years we’ve developed a non-invasive service procedure utilizing a high-speed polisher technique, where the cut-in speed is high enough to correct minor blemishes (e.g. snow brush marks), yet not fast enough where minimal clear coat is removed from your vehicle’s paint.

Since we live in a harsh driving climate, our paint correction service can be completed multiple times before affecting the integrity of your vehicle’s clear coat.

Below we’ve highlighted the description/procedure of our Express Buff paint correction service.

Bring Back That Showroom Shine

Correct minor scratches
 Correct snow brush marks
 Correct harsh climate wear/tear

Express Buff Porsche

1 Year Paint Correction | Express Buff Service

Complimentary Hand Wash

  • Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
  • Chamois Dry
  • Door Jamb Wipe-Down
  • Wipe-Down of Rims
  • Tire Shine

Clay Bar (applied during wash process to remove surface contaminants)

  • Brake dust, road debris, etc.

2-Stage Paint Treatment

  • Minor correction of snow brush marks, light swirls
  • 2-layers of Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal (air gun applied)

Paint Protection Durability: 1 year (depending on vehicle upkeep)

Express Buff Benz
Gtechniq Accredited Detailer
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