Ceramic Pro Winter Driving

Ceramic Pro is Harsh Weather Resistant to Winter Driving

As the beautiful autumn leaves give way to Ottawa’s winter, the driving conditions change as well.  More specifically, winter driving and the various road grime which appear in the form of snow, road salt, a combination of both and slush all can cause havoc to your vehicle’s paint overtime.

Ceramic Pro: What is It?

The revolutionary nano paint technology Ceramic Pro in its simplest explanation bonds to the paint surface and creates a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield.  It’s like adding an extra layer of clear coat to your vehicle’s paint!

Ceramic Pro Benefits Your Vehicle: In Every Driving Season

The biggest benefit to applying Ceramic Pro is that it’s harsh weather resistant & forms a rigid barrier between your vehicle’s paint and that of road salt, slush, dirt and road grime.

Ceramic Pro

Why should I invest in a Ceramic coating for my vehicle?

 Transferable Warranty Protection | peace-of-mind if you sell your vehicle the Ceramic Pro warranty can be passed onto the next owner
 Complete Exterior Protection | paint, windows, rims
 Varying Levels of Protection | Winter Specific (one season) to Gold Pkg. (lifetime)
Scratch/Scuff Resistant
UV Protection
Self-Cleaning (easy maintenance)

Peace-of-Mind Winter Protection

We offer a Winter Wash Protection Service in which we apply one coat of Ceramic Pro Sport.  This treatment offers the following advantages to your vehicles paint:

Hydrophobic Effect (limits road grime from attracting to paint surface)
High Gloss & Shine Finish
Long Utilization Effect (Temperature & Detergent Resistant)
Self-Cleaning Effect

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