Paint Protection Services


Finding Your Paint Protection Service


To properly start your vehicle paint protection selection process, there is a primary question you need to answer in order to filter and match your paint protection service.  You need to determine the desired longevity for your vehicle – do you want peace-of-mind over the course of the ownership of your vehicle or would you prefer a yearly application.

Longevity of Service | One Year to Lifetime

Matching your service preference to your lifestyle will help optimize your overall driving experience & provide years of enjoyment on your vehicle’s investment!  Below we’ve segmented our service offerings into three categories to start your service selection process.

Service Advantage

 We’re Certified Ceramic Pro & Gtechniq Installers | highest volume Ceramic Pro installer in the Ottawa-area

Complimentary Car Rental (Ceramic Coating Service) | Shuttle Service (Non-Ceramic Coating Service)

 Thousands of completed paint protection services!


Ceramic Coatings | Permanent Paint Protection


Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with three times the hardness & self-cleaning properties.  Once cured Ceramic Pro will become a durable, flexible glass shield on your vehicle’s paint.

Protective Qualities – UV protection, stain/scratch/corrosion/oxidization resistant

WarrantyCeramic Pro transferable warranty verified thru Carfax

Lifespan – 2 years to lifetime (based on package)

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking for peace-of-mind protection


Gtechniq’s Smart Surface Science incorporates nano-scale composite materials to offer matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance. Crystal Serum Ultra is Gtechniq’s highest level protection and can only be applied by an accredited installer.

Protective Qualities – UV protection, stain/scratch/corrosion/oxidization resistant

WarrantyGtechniq warranty

Lifespan – 9 Years

Driver Type – cost-effective peace-of-mind protection (includes one-step polish)

Non-Ceramic Paint Protection


Paint Correction service is required when the vehicle paint needs to be treated in order to restore minor blemishes in the paint surface such as snow brush marks.  (This is a common issue facing most vehicles due to Ottawa’s harsh four season driving conditions.)

Corrective Qualities – minimal clear coat removal, restores paint from fine scratches typically incurred from winter wear as example

Lifespan – 1 year (depending on vehicle upkeep)

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking to rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint


Basic Paint Protection service is the application of two layers of Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal (air gun applied for even distribution) to your vehicle’s paint – creating a barrier between the elements and paint in order to help prevent degradation.

Protective Qualities – instant and effective protection to help create a barrier between vehicle paint and road salt and other road grime

Lifespan – 1 year (depending on vehicle upkeep)

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking for cost-effective protection

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