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What Ceramic Pro Applied to Your Vehicle?

What is “Powered By Ceramic Pro”?

If you haven’t heard about the revolutionary nanoceramic technology by Ceramic Pro, it’s the automotive industry’s leading nano ceramic coating for your vehicle’s paint surface, windows, rims and interior.

The application process of Ceramic Pro requires certified training as it bonds to any applied surface and if it’s not installed properly it requires extensive high speed buffing to remove and correct. We’re certified installers and only a certified installer can submit a warranty application to Ceramic Pro – thus giving you the peace-of-mind warranty-backed paint protection solution for your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro enables installation centers such as us to utilize the branded “Powered by Ceramic Pro” once we’ve reached a yearly production achievement level. We’ve achieved this level since the winter of 2018 and are the highest volume Ceramic Pro installer in Eastern Ontario.

Don’t think that volume undercuts quality. We’re focused on providing the top of line installation service to you. We pride ourselves on utilizing our extensive multi vehicle branded installs to enhance our service offering and knowledge.

The Most Advanced Coating System

Protect against road grime
 UV protection
 Once cured it will chemically bond
Forms a glass coating to applied surface
Exceptionally strong & durable
Resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis and corrosion
Transferable warranty verified thru Carfax

Ceramic Pro has been technology tested by SGS – the world’s leading inspection & verification entity. The results have been verified, now is the time to get the best paint protection in the industry!

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