Tips for Cleaning Automotive Glass

Cleaning Automotive Glass

Cleaning automotive glass, like windscreens and side windows on a car, is a necessary process. It helps remove dirt, insects, and other residues that can make seeing outside the car difficult. However, cleaning car windows can sometimes create streaks and other impairments that also reduce external visibility. 

Hence the team at JREK Autocare would like you to know a few tips for cleaning automotive glass.

Use The Right Tools and Supplies

To get a clean finish without damaging the surface, you need the tools and materials specifically suited to clean glass windows.

Cleaning Automotive Glass solution

Cleaning solutions that contain ammonia should be avoided at all costs. Ammonia can react with leather, rubber, plastic, and vinyl, causing them to dry out and crack. The fumes released by ammonia products are a significant health hazard when inhaled. If your windows are tinted, ammonia-based cleaners cannot be used on those windows. You should always make sure your cleaner is ammonia free.

A microfiber cloth is the best choice for wiping dirt and grime from your automotive glass. Other fabrics are likely to leave threads and fibres behind when used to clean cars. These fibres can obstruct a driver’s view of his surroundings. Hence, a microfiber cloth is optimal for this situation.

If you do not have a microfiber cloth, some experts suggest using balled-up newspapers to dry your car windows. The paper is lint-free and the ink can provide a polishing effect.

Avoid Heat When Cleaning Automotive Glass

Washing a car under the heat of the sun increases the rate at which water evaporates and dries up. This also affects the cleaning solution used to clean the windows. When the solution dries up quickly, streaks will be left behind.

An easy solution to this problem is to park the car in an indoor space, like a garage, before cleaning the windows. Alternatively, you could wait for a cooler time like the evening when the sun isn’t directly overhead. This will allow for longer drying times that leave no streaks.

Make A Plan For Cleaning Your Car

You should have a properly defined process for cleaning your car to ensure that cleaning the automotive glass is done efficiently. This prevents you from doubling back to clean a surface you’ve already cleaned before.

Cleaning Automotive Glass plan

Your plan should include leaving cleaning the automotive glass until everything else is done. This allows you to clean up any other residue that you produced as you cleaned your car. When cleaning your windows, you should partially roll them down to clean the edges properly.

Clean The Interior Side Of The Automotive Glass

It may seem ridiculous but a car’s interior spaces can get also build up dirt and grime that gets on the automotive glass. That can inhibit a driver’s vision as easily as grime and dirt on the exterior surfaces.

Be careful when using a cleaning solution on interior glass surfaces. The liquid can drip into corners and small crevices, making your cleaning more difficult. The optimal way to clean interior automotive glass surfaces is to apply the solution on a microfiber cloth. This allows you to efficiently use the cleaning solution and effectively clean the glass surface. Using this method is especially helpful for cleaning car mirrors.

JREK Autocare – Ottawa’s Premium Auto Detailer

Cleaning automotive glass is crucial to ensuring your visibility as a driver. The polished look it gives your vehicle is a bonus to that necessity. With these helpful tips, you can give your car a visual uplift and make it safer to drive simultaneously.

Please contact us if you have any needs with regard to car detailing and professional cleaning services. JREK Autocare has provided the best professional detailing services to the Ottawa community since 2004. Our team has knowledge and experience in a variety of automotive detailing areas. You can trust us for the best possible results.