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We’ve been providing car detailing (in-depth car cleaning), paint protection (ceramic, polishing, wax) & paint protection film services to the Ottawa area since 2004!

We consider ourselves to be an Auto Spa – specializing in the aesthetic upkeep of your vehicle to ensure an enjoyable driving experience, while maintaining your vehicle’s fit and finish.

  JREK stands for “Just Rektify” & as CFEAQ certified/trained auto-detailers, we can accommodate a variety of problem/emergency detailing issues, including: smoke smell, food spills, vomit/urine/feces.

What to expect from our Professional Services

Attention to detail | 1.5 to more than 24 hours on your vehicle (based on service)

Industry-leading tools (steam-cleaners, tornador detail tools, rupes polishers, etc.)

Knowledge | over 14 years of certified experience plus industry-leading training

Warranty | Ceramic Coatings, 3M Paint Protection Film, Salt Stain Removal

Ottawa Car Detailing Services

A Clean Vehicle Make’s Driving More Enjoyable | De-Stress Today

Driving can be a stressful ordeal – traffic, bad drivers, time constraints, etc.  What a better way to lessen the driving burden on yourself then with a clean vehicle!  Stuck in your vehicle doesn’t have to be a burden – enhance your vehicle’s driving experience in a clean environment today!

Below we’ve categorized our service offerings into three main areas.  Base your selection on if you require protection for your paint, car detailing or stone chip prevention with paint protection film.

Our Services

Vehicle Paint Coating

Protect Your Vehicle's Paint

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Paint Protection Service

Make Your Vehicle Feel New

Complete Auto Detailing Services

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Auto Detailing Service

Stone Chip Prevention

Paint Protection Film Service

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