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Celebrating 15 years in 2019

Upgrade Your Driving Experience. Our Services Help.

Warranty Protection | Permanent Ceramic Paint | Paint Protection Film

Safeguard your vehicle’s investment with our services. We’ve been providing car detailing (in-depth car cleaning), paint protection (ceramic coating & polishing) & paint protection film services to the Ottawa area since 2004!

We consider ourselves to be an Auto Spa – specializing in the aesthetic upkeep of your vehicle to ensure an enjoyable driving experience, while maintaining your vehicle’s fit and finish.

  JREK stands for “Just Rektify” & as CFEAQ certified/trained auto-detailers, we can accommodate a variety of problem/emergency detailing issues, including: smoke smell, food spills, vomit/urine/feces.

Driving can be a stressful ordeal – traffic, bad drivers, time constraints, etc.  What a better way to lessen the driving burden on yourself then with a clean vehicle!  Stuck in your vehicle doesn’t have to be a burden – enhance your vehicle’s driving experience in a clean environment today!

Our Auto Spa Services

What to Expect from our Auto Spa Services

Attention to detail | 1.5 to more than 24 hours on your vehicle (based on service)

Industry-leading tools (steam-cleaners, tornador detail tools, rupes polishers, etc.)

Knowledge | over 15 years of certified experience plus industry-leading training

Warranty | Ceramic Coatings, 3M Paint Protection Film, Salt Stain Removal

Shuttle Service | Complimentary two-way shuttle service

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