3 Winter Musts for Ceramic Coated Cars

Car hood covered in snow

Ever wondered how to turn your car into a winter warrior, braving icy challenges with an unparalleled shine? If you’re a proud owner of a ceramic-coated car, you’re in for a treat! As the snowflakes dance and frost settles in, your vehicle can stand resilient with these winter-proofing secrets.

In this blog, the team at JREK Autocare will dive into the secrets of ceramic coating, unlocking a trio of winter musts that go beyond protection—they’re a commitment to keeping your ride stylishly shielded.

Ceramic Coated Car Being Cleaned

Keep It Clean, Keep It Coated

Hey there, fellow ceramic warriors! Winter’s frosty grip is no match for the gleaming prowess of your ceramic-coated chariot.

Don’t let your four-wheeled companion succumb to the icy onslaught—give it some well-deserved TLC with regular washes. A tender touch and a splash of pH-balanced soap work wonders, not only preserving the sparkling facade but also ensuring that the glossy ceramic shield remains robust.

Think of it as a suit of armour for your car, deflecting winter’s frozen jabs. And hey, a clean car is a happy car, especially when it’s wrapped in the luxury of a ceramic embrace!

Park Smart, Protect Smart

Your ceramic-coated pride and joy demands a VIP parking spot, especially when winter is in full swing. If your car is taking a hiatus in storage, secure it in a sheltered haven. Whether it’s a cozy garage or a snug car cover, think of it as a spa day for your vehicle.

Shielded from the biting elements, your car can unwind, and its ceramic coat can perform its duties without interruption. Winter may throw some serious challenges, but a savvy parking choice ensures your car emerges in spring looking as fresh as the first snowfall.

Defrosting windshield

Defrost with Care, Preserve with Precision

Winter mornings can be a frosty affair, but don’t let the ice on your car windows become a chilly headache. As the sun struggles to thaw the frost on your windows, resist the urge to crank up the defroster to warp speed. Gentle, steady defrosting is the key. Why? Because that ceramic shield you lovingly bestowed upon your car doesn’t appreciate sudden temperature shocks. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Gradual defrosting not only protects your ceramic coating but also ensures a longer, happier life for your car. Think of it as a spa treatment for your windows—they’ll thank you with crystal-clear clarity, and your ceramic coat will maintain its resilient charm.

Remember, fellow drivers, ceramic coating isn’t just a treatment; it’s a commitment to your car’s well-being. Equip your vehicle with the winter survival kit it deserves—regular washes, a sturdy ceramic shield, and a parking spot fit for royalty. Winter may be tough, but armed with these tips, your ceramic-coated car is ready to face it head-on, all while exuding style and protection!

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