A Visual Example of Car Detailing Benefits - a clean car

Car Detailing Benefits for Selling Your Vehicle

Car detailing benefits for selling your vehicle

What can’t be said about having a clean car, other than a big smile on your face as your driving down the road!  Through the lens of most customers, automotive services and their associated costs can be similar to a trip to the dentist. No one likes it! For car detailing services this can be cast in a similar shadow. However, there is an added benefit of the potential to increase your ROI when it comes time to sell your vehicle!

Providing car detailing services for more than 15 years, we’ve had countless customers specifically receive our services either prior to an appraisal or for private sale and have in turn received better pricing as a result of the detailing services.

Additionally, a recent article in Driving.ca (link no longer works – you will have to google search the article or something similar) mentioned that detailing services produced an almost 20% increase in the appraisal value of a Honda Civic they used to showcase the benefits of auto-detailing.

It is clear that car detailing services can give your re-sale a “pop” in price at the end of your ownership. On the other hand, seasonal detailing (paint protection and interior steam-cleaning) will help preserve the aesthetic lifespan of your vehicle and may extend your overall appreciation for your vehicle – lending to owning it longer then otherwise envisioned!

Learn about all the car detailing benefits by speaking with our professional detail team. If you’re considering selling your vehicle, or just want to enjoy a cleaner car for yourself, contact us today to learn more about our detail services and to book an appointment.