What's the Purpose of Ceramic Coating for Cars?

Ceramic Car Coating in Ottawa

The surface of every car is covered with a base coat of paint, a primer, and a clear coat to protect the original paint job. A ceramic coating is applied overtop of the clear coat to provide a very thin, transparent, and invisible layer of additional protection.

A ceramic coating helps seal the pores on your car’s paint to create a hydrophobic layer that’s also highly UV, scratch, and heat resistant. This layer of protection is chemically bonded with your car paint on a molecular level. It does not wash away or break down and will even increase the shine of your car.

We believe in using only the best products in our shop, which is why we are accredited Gtechniq detailers, allowing us to offer manufacturer, warranty-backed performance protection up to 9 years. We install ceramic coating in Ottawa for luxury vehicles, sports cars, pick up trucks, SUVs, and more!

Ceramic Car Coating Being Applied

Coating Packages

Please note that the condition of every vehicle varies, therefore we thoroughly inspect each and provide a final service quote prior to commencing any service.
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Water Droplets Sitting on a Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Why Get a Ceramic Coating For Your Vehicle?

There are several benefits of getting a professionally installed ceramic coating for your vehicle, including:

  • Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner for Longer – A ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic surface that helps repel dirt, mud, and grime.
  • Enhance Your Vehicle’s Appearance – You can make your paint job pop with a glossy looking finish when you get a ceramic coating.
  • Add a Layer of Protection – Protect your vehicle from UV damage, oxidation, and scratches with high-quality ceramic coating.
  • It’s a Long-Term Solution – Ceramic coating don’t wash away or break down like traditional wax or sealants. You can enjoy the benefits of a ceramic coating for up to 9 years!



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Gtechniq Vehicle Paint Protection

Advanced Automotive Coatings

Gtechniq is a one of the leading providers of Ceramic Vehicle Coatings. They create multi-layered clear liquid nano ceramic coatings that provide permanent paint protection. It creates a durable, rigid, and flexible glass shield, Gtechniq can best be described as an additional clear coat, with three times the hardness & self-cleaning properties.

With significant advancements in nano-technology paint protection methods, ceramic coatings have emerged as the highest-quality option. Gtechniq’s multi-layer application of liquid nanoceramic coating results in a permanent glass shield on your vehicle’s paint. Once cured, this shield eliminates the need for waxing throughout the coating’s lifespan.

For additional information on Gtechniq’s range of ceramic coatings and their benefits, please read our Blog: What is Ceramic Vehicle Paint Protection?

technician applying coating to a car

Myths About Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coating Is Expensive

  • While there is a cost to having premium protection, and the coating solution, the art of applying ceramic coatings to vehicles requires knowledge, experience, special tools, UV lamps, and a dedicated space (garage) to cure correctly and bond to the paint.

Ceramic Coating Requires High Maintenance

  • To ensure that your ceramic coating protects your paint as advertised you are advised to wash your car with special shampoos, keep your car dry to avoid water spots, and other various maintenance tips. But if you were looking to protect your vehicle’s paint, you would be doing those things anyway!

Ceramic Coating Is Hard To Apply

  • With ample space and proper equipment, anyone is capable of applying the coating to their vehicle. But without the expertise and know-how of the finer application details (like our automotive experts here at JREK), applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle should be handled by the pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic Coating FAQS

A ceramic coating is an extremely durable and hydrophobic polymer solution that’s applied to the exterior of your vehicle to add an additional layer of protection. Ceramic coating is typically used to preserve paintwork but it can also help protect glass, plastic trim, and the wheels of your vehicle as well.

It varies depending on the product and the level of maintenance or care. A properly and professionally installed ceramic coating can upwards of 2-5 years on average – with proper maintenance.


As is the case with most things, your ceramic coating will deteriorate over time. The good news is, with proper maintenance, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your ceramic coating.

Some tips for maintaining the ceramic coating on your vehicle include:

  • Wash your car regularly
  • Avoid letting pollen and bird droppings sit on your car for extended periods
  • Use pH neutral shampoo
  • Avoid abrasive towels when washing
  • Get an annual inspection
  • Avoid automated car washes

The first step that’s necessary before applying any type of coating is a deep cleaning and decontamination of the exterior of your vehicle. A thorough cleaning will help the ceramic coating to achieve a better bond with the paintwork.

After the initial preparation, a liquid emulsion is applied to your vehicle one panel at a time to cover all of the exterior surfaces of your vehicle and it’s left to dry and cure. Once cured, you’ll have a beautiful, glossy protective layer on the exterior of your vehicle. Don’t forget to take care of it and maintain it properly!

Ceramic coating typically hardens 24 hours after application but the curing process takes about an entire week (if not more) for the coating to fully bond with your car’s paint. Keep in mind that curing time will vary depending on the products used.

When you get your car waxed, the wax is applied to the surface and sits on top of the paint of your vehicle. With ceramic coating, the material actually bonds directly with your car’s paintwork and it creates a new substrate. The bonded material is much harder to remove than waxes and paint sealants and is considerably more durable than other alternatives.