JREK’s 5 Tips for Winter Car Care

As the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, it’s important to prepare your car for the winter’s hardships. It’s not just convenient to keep your car in good shape during winter; it’s also a matter of safety. A few easy procedures may make a major difference in your winter driving experience, from inspecting key components to protecting against harsh weather.

Let’s look at some crucial winter auto care tips in this blog that will not only keep your vehicle operating smoothly but will also improve safety on icy roads.

Examine Your Battery

Car batteries might suffer in cold temperatures. It’s a good idea to have a professional check your battery’s charge, especially if it’s older than three years. If it’s worn, replace it. To minimize starting problems on chilly mornings, clean any rust from the terminals and make sure the connections are tight.

Monitor Tire Pressure and Tread Depth


Tire pressure drops in cold weather, decreasing traction. Check tire pressure regularly and maintain it at the specified level. Inspect the tread depth of your tires as well; appropriate tread gives better traction on slick roadways. Consider purchasing winter tires for better grip in snow and ice.

car troubles in the winter

Top Up Fluids

Check the levels of critical fluids such as antifreeze, engine oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid in your car. Antifreeze is especially important in the winter to avoid freezing and engine damage. It’s a good idea to check these levels before the temperature decreases dramatically.

Replace Wiper Blades and Use Winter Washer Fluid

Visibility is critical while driving in the cold. Replace old wiper blades to ensure they properly remove snow and slush off the windshield. Use winter-grade washer fluid that will not freeze when it comes into touch with your windshield. Despite the tough conditions, this combination helps to keep good sight.

winter wiper blades
waxing car in winter

Protect the Exterior

Winter weather, particularly road salt and grime, can damage the paint of your automobile. Wash and wax your car regularly to protect the paint from deterioration. A coat of wax functions as a protective barrier against salt and other harmful impurities, maintaining the outside of your automobile.

JREK Autocare – Ottawa’s Auto Detailing and Auto Care Experts

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