Benefits of Paint Protection Film Applied to Headlights

Benefits of Paint Protection Film Applied to Headlights

We recently installed the highest rated 3M paint protection film – Pro Series – to the headlights of a newly purchased VW Golf.
the road conditions can be littered with debris ranging from road salt, stones, sand, bugs.  Additionally, UV degradation (from the sun) impact the manufacturers’ UV coating on a vehicle’s headlights overtime.

Combining all of the above factors can cause the headlights to become hazy (as the UV coating degradates) and drastically reduce the effectiveness of the headlights brightness – especially for night driving.

Applying Paint Protection Film (such as 3M Pro Series) creates a barrier between the actual headlight and that of road debris and UV degradation, all of which impeding the brightness of the headlight over time.

The 3M product we use – Pro Series – comes with a 7 year manufacturer warranty and the film is self healing — offering proper peace of mind that night time visibility shouldn’t be of concern during the ownership time frame of your vehicle.

paint protection film on headlights

Paint Protection Film Application

hazed headlights

Hazed Headlights

Financial Standpoint

Think of it as insurance. The service cost to apply paint protection film to vehicle headlights is typically under $200 for the installation, the cost is drastically less then purchasing either a new headlight (several hundred dollars) or having a yearly headlight polish (which is typically $50 to $100 per service visit) and will add-up to several hundred dollars over the vehicle’s life span (should light visibility be of a concern to you).

The big benefit of the 3M Pro Series film is that it can be removed – meaning that when it comes time to sell your vehicle, removing the paint protection film will leave your once protected headlights still looking relatively new.  This offers a clear indication of a well maintained vehicle during the selling process.

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