Car Washing Process

Top Tips for Car Washing Your Vehicle Like A Pro

Vehicle aesthetics is subjective from one vehicle owner to the next – while regular car cleaning enhances both the upkeep and personal enjoyment value, it isn’t necessary to the overall function of the vehicle compared to maintenance.

To help sway those vehicle owners who don’t hold the aesthetic upkeep of their vehicle in high regard, we’ve created “Car Wash Top Tips” to help simplify this process for a DYI perspective & hopefully help enhance the potential personal enjoyment of make your vehicle look nice on the road!

How Often & Time to Complete

  • A good rule of thumb for regular car driving is to wash your vehicle at least once a month – (this is to remove any surface contaminants which may impact paint protection in the form of waxes or sealants)
  • A typical “hand wash” for a car should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete for a car & an additional 15 minutes for an SUV
  • If you don’t have a wash mit or chamois, you can use clean towels or even microfibres for those hard to reach areas

Basic Car Washing Steps

  • Always pre-rinse the vehicle before washing with car soap to help lift settled dirt (this will help reduce swirl marks)
  • Never use dish soap for regular washing as its detergent will strip any paint protection already on the vehicle
  • When hand washing work from the top of the vehicle and move downward (this will reduce the amount of grit build up on the wash pad)
  • Quick check list of car washing procedures:
    • Apply applicable pre-wash products (e.g. rim cleaner)
    • Spray off vehicle from top down & wash from top down (including regular rinsing of wash mit – reduce potential swirl marks)
    • Spray of vehicle & chamois, (wipe out door jambs for that added touch!)
    • With a clean microfibre towel, give the exterior windows (once dry) an extra wipe down to remove any water marks

Good luck & remember these are just basic starting points to make the hand washing process easier for yourself. Contact our team if you want your vehicle to be washed and detailed with a professional finish.